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We understand what your family-owned and operated small business needs to stay ahead online in search and social through SEO, Adwords, Social Boosting, and Website Design.

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Colorado Springs Digital MArketing

Increase Your Web Presence

Work with professionals who set out to increase your digital web presence in the Colorado Springs area.

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We guarantee engagement and communication, to never put your company on autopilot. We will identify opportunities across multiple platforms as a full-service marketing agency.

Make Your Website Work For You

The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is the proper call-to-action. In most cases, we want to drive traffic to your website. It’s important to have a fast website that is optimized properly for mobile and will instill confidence in a purchase.

You get a website built to convert leads, not win design awards for our company.

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Website Optimization

SEO is a long-game investment, which done properly can yield lasting results and continuous leads. We’ve seen results in as little as 2 weeks depending on the client, but the typical results timeframe is going to be 1-3 months.

In Colorado Springs, the competition is higher than ever, but there is still opportunity in the search results. With advancements in voice search and AI, SEO is changing rapidly. Work with a company that stays up with the trends.

Local SEO

This service focuses on ranking in the maps for keywords that include “near me”. When you sign up with Clear Skies, we will submit your local information to directory databases to ensure your information is consistent across the web.

We then develop a strategy for gaining reviews and other action items to help your get to the top of the list and stay there.

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Paid Digital Advertising

We specialize in pin-pointed marketing, which means we can target a market of potential clients within a 25-mile radius of your store.

This is especially helpful to get local Colorado Springs residents to your business without wasting money on people outside of your target geographic area.

With a full creative team, we are able to create unique content that people will love to share.

We develop a strategy of non-spam e-mails that will engage your clients.

We will develop a lead generation strategy to keep new customers flowing into your sales pipeline.

Social Media Marketing

We’re not looking to create the next viral reel, we create practical social media marketing strategies to help you show up in front of potential clients.

We develop a strategy that focuses on hyperlocal social media marketing to get potential clients in your area to your store.

Colorado Springs’s economy will be booming in 2023. With this boom comes an increased level of competition. Franchise stores have been popping up left and right, leaving small business owners to fight against those chain stores’ worldwide digital marketing teams.

Luckily, small businesses in Colorado Springs can bring on their own team with Clear Skies Marketing. We specialize in fighting for your position in the digital space. We understand what it takes to outrank corporate companies and will build a digital marketing plan that suits your business.

Erika Holmes
Erika Holmes
Picky is not a problem! Eric is amazing to work with. I had a very definitive idea in my head of what I wanted my landing page to look like - and he made it real down to the tiniest detail! He even went the extra mile of learning a new program and doing some coding to give me exactly what I wanted. His response time was great and his flat fee rates are incredibly reasonable. He's the 3rd web developer I had on this project - and he's a keeper!
Jeremy Johndrow
Jeremy Johndrow
Eric is fantastic to work with! He is very knowledgeable, responsive and professional! Highly recommend Clear Skies!
Rachel Gearhart
Rachel Gearhart
Eric is great to work with. He's super knowledgeable and produces premium work. I highly recommend him for all your marketing needs!
TJ Taylor
TJ Taylor
It is always a pleasure doing business with Eric from Clear Skies Marketing Group! His expertise goes far beyond SEO and digital marketing. As someone who has been a client of Clear Skies Marketing Group, I constantly recommend their services to others.
Aileen Kane
Aileen Kane
100 stars!! I highly recommend this company if you need help organizing a digital marketing strategy for a small business and have no idea where to start. They have different plans to choose from and walk you through proposals and strategies. Located in Colorado Springs but easily set me with everything over the web. Looking forward to continuing results.
Skylar Wisner
Skylar Wisner
Clear Skies helped out my business in CO springs when I needed help with my digital marketing strategy. I didn’t have the time or knowledge to create digital marketing ad campaigns, regular postings, etc. They created a plan for our specific needs and market. I can’t stress them enough!!
Julia Eli
Julia Eli
Thank you so much Clear Skies Marketing Group for your help with a digital marketing package and my website design for my startup in Colorado Springs. Very personable and attentive to my unique business.
Brian Chapel
Brian Chapel
Clear sky was great to work with. They communicated well and delivered on time. Would recommend to a friend.

Clear Skies Marketing Group

102 S Tejon St, STE 1100, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

Let’s Get Started

Where do you meet with clients?

On-Site or at 102 S Tejon St in Colorado Springs

Do you have a minimum monthly contract?

No, our contracts are month to month and you can cancel at any time.

How much is a digital marketing package?

Each company will require different packages, but the average spend with Clear Skies is $2,000/month.

Do you offer digital marketing jobs in Colorado Springs?

Yes, we are always looking for intelligent individuals dedicated to our clients’ growth

When can I expect results?

PPC is immediate, whereas organic results are 1-3 months.