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Forecast: Clear Skies

Blink Web Designs was the original company created to provide small businesses with a way to get a great website that adhered to all of Google’s guidelines. As Google moved into mobile-first indexing, fast sites were needed to rank competitively through lightweight themes and powerful hosting.

After arriving in Gunnison, Colorado, owner Eric Hagelin was given the opportunity to acquire two companies: OffCenter Designs Sign Division and an IT company called Gunni Tech. These companies were renamed: OffCenter Signs and Gold Road Technologies. The idea behind the acquisitions was to provide a more well-rounded experience for business owners going through growth. Blink would handle web design, OffCenter would handle signage and physical reputation management, while Gold Road would help business owners through the growth that the other companies created.

It become apparent that 3 different companies were causing logistic problems with the companies that they served. Billing and communication were coming from 3 different locations. This brought up a good pain point and the solution was to focus the 3 different companies into one solution. This way, clients could get one easy point of contact and one easy billing system. Clear Skies Marketing Group was created in the name of simplicity. Coming out of a storm of inefficiency into a finely tuned, focused machine.

With an arsenal of services, Clear Skies will be a necessary component for all small businesses. From tech support to full branding solutions, Clear Skies will be a household name for growing companies that want a competitive edge and the tools to handle the growth that comes with it. Follow us and watch how we grow.