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About Clear Skies Marketing Group

Small family-owned businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of the US and I intend to keep them thriving with an expansive tool set of marketing techniques..

As the economy experiences it’s ups and downs, small businesses across America will continue to be the driving force of the economy. Let’s work together to create better products and services for everyone.

Eric Hagelin started with website design and digital marketing at a print shop in 2012. In 2020, he started work as a freelancer during Covid to help increase income for his large family of 8. Blink Web Designs was the first company to be made official and eventually evolved into Clear Skies Marketing Group to provide more value to small businesses.

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Clear Skies Marketing Group

  • 540 Escalante Dr E206
  • Gunnison, Colorado 81230
  • (970) 596-5820