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Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

Connect with locals ready and willing to support small businesses

We understand how social media has changed the way people find the products and services they need, which is why we’re here to help you stay connected and relevant in your neighborhood. Using localized hashtags and other marketing tactics, we give you the opportunity to connect with potential customers who are already engaged in their communities.

Hashtags – How To Use Them Locally

Hashtags are used to organize content on social media. Users follow hashtags that they are interested in, such as local areas that they live in to keep up to date with hometown happenings. By hashtagging into these groups, you’ll be able to show up for people who are interested in visiting your area or live in your area. We’ve seen major shifts in social towards localizing content because there is so much content available in the world. Even TikTok is including geography based posting (if the US is still able to use it).

Localized Marketing Campaigns

We create top-of-mind campaigns to put you in front of potential clients consistently. When you post a mouth-watering burger or a perfect cappuccino with your brand associated, you’ll get make people consider your business further the next time they’re ready to go out.

The biggest problem for small business is that it’s hard to get your business seen and heard when you’re up against big brands with massive marketing budgets. Not only do you have to compete with major brands, but also the other small businesses in your area. You’re all fighting for attention, and it can be tough to break through the noise.

We specialize in helping small businesses connect with their local communities on social media. With our help, you’ll be able to reach potential customers who are already engaged in their neighborhoods. We build specific campaigns for each of our clients by understanding how they serve their community.

Utilize Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

Your business deserves to be top-of-mind in your community. You’ve been serving the community successfully through word-of-mouth and now it’s time to step into the digital spotlight. We’ll review your opportunities for growth in a free consultation, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide guidance or handle it all?

We can develop a sustainable social media strategy or post consistently for you with relevant hashtags in your community.

Will my posts show up to new users?

That’s the goal! With a proper strategy of quality and consistency, we’ve seen new leads generated through social media.

Should I focus all digital marketing on social?

No, a good digital marketing strategy includes social media but is not the end game. We provide analytics for which platform provides the best ROI and can suggest where to put more time and energy.