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Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing is Primary Focus for 2023

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We were given access to THE WORLD through social media.

It’s a bit overwhelming.

Now we’re seeing trends to organize content towards geographical areas since there is frankly too much content to consume within a lifetime.

With this shift towards localized social media, small businesses can capitalize.

Here’s why hyperlocal social media marketing should be your primary focus for 2023.

What Is “Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing”

Hyperlocal social media marketing is the practice of hyper-targeting your advertising to a very specific geographic area.

Digital marketing experts use hyperlocal strategies to reach new customers for a business within a 10-mile radius.

Small business owners can do this too by themselves.

This is especially helpful for local coffee shops, restaurants, dentists, beauty salons, and other local brick-and-mortar stores.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) makes this easy to boost your posts and choose a hyperlocal area to show the post to . This helps your posts reach a new audience of non-followers.

Screenshot of Instagram ad on mobile showing the audience size of a location with a 5 mile radius
Paid Ads Geo Targeting in Instagram for a 5-mile radius around UC Boulder

Benefits of Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing

Hyperlocal social media marketing is a powerful and creative approach to digital advertising, enabling brands to hone in on their target market within a specific area. Here are the key benefits of focusing on a hyperlocal approach.

Reduced and Focused Ad Spend

This nimble direct targeting to people based within a certain location saves time and money on wasted ads.

I had a guy reach out once and say, “I started running social media ads, but I only get calls from Ohio… Unfortunately, I’m in Connecticut and I can only drive in a 20-mile radius. I’ve already spent $1,000 on ads. Please Help!”

Ouch… They had started running ads without geo-location at all.

By focusing on a small radius where your potential clients are willing to drive to you, you’ll be able to maximize your advertising budget on social media.

Better Personalized Ads Locally

Erika, general manager at Garlic Mike's, holds a die-cut heart that says "Love Local #shopgunnisonvalley"
Garlic Mike’s using town-wide social media marketing to show local support.

Local shopping has been a focus in marketing for years and having tools to really focus efforts has been a huge advantage for local shops.

Showing local restaurants, loved by locals, on social media more often keep them at the top of mind.

When new shops get started, these localized ads can help get the word out as a new local favorite.

It’s also great to see hometown happenings of what a business might be doing, such as a new menu, staff, or location.

Show Community Engagement

Business owners that represent their company can be active on social media.

Liking, commenting and sharing hometown happenings.

This is a great way to show your engagement in the community. Especially supporting other business owners in social media the same way you would support them in a coffee group.

Show your support for local sports teams.

Remember, not all paid ads need to sell things.

How to Implement a Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start with free.

Then pay to boost posts.

Implement the following steps:

  • Add geo-tagging to your posts
  • Add local, relevant hashtags
  • Like and comment on other local businesses
  • Create ads that target a specific geo-location
  • Be involved with local community events

Local Hashtags for Organic Traffic

Screenshot of VisitGCB using relevant hashtags such as "mountainvacation" to get in front of more users.
VisitGCB doing a great job getting in front of tourists interested in Gunnison and Crested Butte

The basic idea is to get in front of more users by including relevant hashtags in your posts.

Find town names or popular hashtags in your area to include in your posts.

Follow these hashtags, comment on other posts, and post yourself.

We covered hashtags more thoroughly in our live event here: Roadmap to Digital Success

Work With Clear Skies Marketing Group For Success

If you don’t have time to implement yourself, we are able to work with you on a successful hyperlocal social media marketing campaign.

Eric Hagelin
Eric Hagelin

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