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Marketing Packages

Combine Print and Digital

Clear Skies is dedicated to helping small businesses expand their brand’s reach through print and digital marketing. We can take your logo and brand message incredibly far on a reasonable budget. From website design and management to fleet wrapping.

Here are some examples of existing, repeat customers that utilize multiple services from Clear Skies:

A World Renown Land Cruiser Restoration Company

The Proffitts absolutely know what they’re doing when it comes to Land Cruisers. Their work is talked about around the world. Working with this company to market its brand comes easy because its finished product is top-notch.

Clear Skies handles website management, vehicle wraps, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

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Website Management

We first needed to get this website into a proper hosting environment to handle the amount of traffic they were currently getting. Since the switch, we have had a 100% uptime on the website for well over a year.

We regularly post updates of finished products with optimized imagery to keep potential customers up-to-date with completed restorations.

Vehicle Branding

Adding a very large logo on the side of their transport truck was a no-brainer. This truck drives all over the country and is easily recognizable on pick-ups/deliveries.

We were able to push the size of the logo up into the windows making it appear larger than life. Since the Proffitts run a larger-than-life business, their branding needed to be larger than the average car decal.

This project only took 1 day from start to finish.

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A Growing Garage Door Company

Everyone in Gunnison has seen Kooler’s new sign and easily recognizes their trucks driving around town. Kooler now expands into towns with new shop locations and continues to grow.

Clear Skies handles website edits, signage, stickers, marketing consulting, and paid ads.

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LED Backlit Channel Sign

Want to draw attention to your business? This sign is it. The bees knees as some would say. The cat’s meow. A die-cut backing to match their new logo and letters that light up at night.

Since Kooler’s shop is located on the main street in Gunnison across from the most popular grocery store in town, everyone has seen it.

Installation on this project took a crane and some high-level expertise.

Wraps That Turn Heads

You know a Kooler truck when you see it. Their branding is impossible to miss. We wish we could take credit for the design and mockup of these vehicles, but we only took this beautiful design and brought it to life.

Kooler currently has 2 trucks and 1 Sprinter van in their fleet with plans on expanding with more vehicles. Each vehicle takes approximately 40 hours to complete.

Kooler Wrap 100 edited

What We Offer

Integrated branding to help your small business expand your brand’s reach without dealing with multiple companies. One monthly billing to make it easier to manage everything marketing. You’ll talk one-on-one with a specialist and only pay for what you need.

What We Promise

We use data-driven results to tweak your campaigns to maximize ROI. We also provide high-quality printed materials that will exceed industry standards to impress potential clients. Expect more qualified leads.

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