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Case Study: Proffitts

  • Case Study
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  • On-Site SEO : Month 1 Focus – FJ60+FJ62
  • E-mail Newsletter
  • Blog Post
  • Social Post

Step 1 : Webpage Optimization

Looking at the 60 Series page, the title and content completely left out “Toyota”, “Land Cruiser”, “FJ60”, and “FJ62”. Our first step was to add these words into the title, description, and add more content into the page. We also wanted to make the page more of a landing page, so we added an impressive slider on the top.

fj60 diesel vs corvette engine 1

Step 2: Drive Traffic

As the rankings increase for the search terms surrounding FJ60 and FJ62, we want to drive traffic to the site to show Google that it’s worth visiting. For this, we want to send out an e-mail newsletter letting subscribers know that there are new updates to the site. These are die-hard land cruiser fans that are going to spend time looking at the new builds on the page. Afterward, we want to get the word out to social media subscribers with a social post.

This e-mail had a 62.5% open rate to over 1,400 subscribers.

e mail sample 1
proffitts social post 1

The blog post was created to show people who have never subscribed to the newsletter what an e-mail from the owner looks like. This post also contains a backlink to the primary page that we are working on to help strengthen internal linking.

Step 3: View Results

Within 2 weeks of updating the landing page, we saw new keyword placement for the following keywords that didn’t exist before optimization:

  • FJ60 – Position 8 – 2.4k searches/month
  • FJ60 Land Cruiser – Position 8 – 1k searches/month
  • Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 – Position 9 – 720 searches/month
  • Toyota FJ60 – Position 8 – 720 searches/month
  • FJ62 – Position 14 – 1.9k searches/month
  • FJ62 Land Cruiser – Position 15 – 1.3k searches/month
site results

SEO rankings take time to move up in position, so we will continue to focus on optimization through backlinking and content creation until the rankings settle into the 1 or 2 spots. Here are some of the immediate results from the newsletter, social post, and blog post:

  • Page views for the 60 Series by 22% into the #3 most viewed site page.
  • 15 new subscribers within 3 hours of the post by driving traffic to the blog post.
Eric Hagelin
Eric Hagelin

Post Author: Eric Hagelin

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