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Full Vehicle Wraps

Imagine driving to a job site where everyone takes notice of your branding. From other contractors to neighbors, you’ll be turning heads and getting leads.

Vehicle branding is one of the best types of advertising because you’re utilizing what you already have to further brand awareness. Let clients know it’s your company pulling into a driveway and get in front of potential new clients. You’ve seen big brands like Benjamin Franklin pull into the valley with their fully wrapped vehicles. Now there’s a wrap company in Gunnison that can create the same big brand recognition.

Design For Vehicle Wraps

Bringing your brand to life in a creative way is step #1 to a great wrap. We want all elements to be as visible as possible, creating the highest impact for getting noticed. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to either sit down with one of our designers or work with an online brand agency. We do not move forward with putting ink to vinyl until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Full-Color Printing

When working with full wraps vs partial wraps or logos, we’re going to go all-in on covering your vehicle. This covering actually protects the paint underneath for a period of time (Approx 4 years), creating a higher resale value for your vehicle in the used work truck market. We use a CMYK ink-set of Eco-Solvent inks on a 54″ wide printer to print vivid coloring that turns heads.

Kooler's Truck Fully Wrapped Up

Vehicle Branding Turnaround Time

Since we do not want to rush this investment, we will require you to drop off your vehicle for a full work week. This allows us to have the time to carefully apply your new look. Each truck or van takes approximately 40 hours to completely wrap it up.

General Full Wrap Pricing

Pricing depends on a number of factors, especially how the design flows from one panel to another. In the example above for Kooler, there are 14 panels that each need to be lined up perfectly, making it a higher-end application. Expect to spend between $5,000 – $10,000 on a full wrap.

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