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Partial Vehicle Wraps

You can get your company branding out very effectively through partial wraps, utilizing the vehicle’s original color to complement the design. We use the same, high-grade material as full wraps with a great color range and quality laminate for protection. A great example of one of our partial wraps is the Black Tie Ski van wrap. It looks like a full wrap, but it actually stops at the front door with a fade to white. We then supplement with vehicle logos and numbers on the straight white van.

IMG 5556

The first key feature of a wrap is delivering a design that turns heads. We want to make sure that your vans accurately represent your brand. You have the option of wrapping the back panel, or under the windows, or just around the hood. When you work with our designers, you’ll get several options that fit your budget and wow customers.

Partial wraps are quicker for us to install and often only require 1-2 days of installation. Drop off your vehicle with us and well use the latest techniques and technology to bring that beautiful design to life.

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