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Trailer Logos

Utilize your existing equipment to advertise for your company. Some trailers sit on job sites for months while high-value clients drive by. Other times, you’ll be traveling down the road passing by other high-value clients. In either case, don’t miss the opportunity to add branding to your trailers.

Trailer Decal Options

Full-color print vs single-color vinyl.

The full-color print option looks like Kalow Electric and the bee bear below. This application is used for logos that have multi-colors or gradients. Each full-color print is covered with a UV protective film to help hold the colors for a longer period of time.

The single-color option looks like the Altitude Painting and Sanchez Trailer. This is solid vinyl, pre-colored all the way through to hold the color from fading over an extended period of time. These have a longer life rating than a full-color print and are less expensive. You can also combine single-color applications into 2 or 3 color applications by using different, pre-colored vinyl for different parts of your logo.

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